Founded in 1996 with the scope of manufacturing differentiated machinery by developing innovative projects and providing automation services for the companies operating in industrial area, VERVO Advanced Packaging Technologies has been providing services in secondary packaging and end of line automation systems since 2010. VERVO follows the latest trends in the world and provides the most suitable and innovative solutions for the unique secondary packaging process needs of the companies for already packaged products.

As VERVO Advanced Packaging Technologies, we work with leading companies of the industry including food services, chemistry, cosmetics, personal care products and fast-moving consumer goods which are intense in terms of secondary packaging applications such as boxing/case packing. For improving productive activities of the company, increasing production rates and profitability to higher levels, we offer Case/Box Erectors, Robotic Case Loading Systems, Case Closers, Compact Case Packing/Boxing Machinery for different case types “Wraparound, Tray, Tray&Lid, Robotic Palletizing Systems and Conveyor Solutions” with our qualified teams in design to software in our 5,000 m2 indoor facility located in GEPOSB.